MB-Tours is an offspring from a coach company established in 1984, and which today runs the entire city bus line in our capital Tórshavn. MB-Tours is one of the younger players on the Faroese tourism arena, but since 2000 we have developed to become one of the leading travel operators on our islands. Operation in a small community like the Faroese generates creativity and flexibility and our expertise is arranging every detail of an incoming or outgoing journey.
MB-Tours is a conscious and trustworthy partner to an eclectic non-Faroese clientel. We render our service to guests arriving for the purpose of e.g. leisure, business or on a cruise ship. Apart from our firm foothold in incoming tourism we enjoy the trust of many local clients. MB-Tours is for example the official agent for the Faroese Football Supporter Association and for the away matches we have the pleasure of sending a large percentage of the Faroese population abroad to support our national soccer team. And as a seafaring nation we have many seamen travelling to and from the Faroe Islands and to our pleasure many of shipping companies entrust us with arranging these journeys.
Our staff is young and dynamic and our success is based on a flexible response to our clients’ needs and a constant development of existing and new products and markets.